ColossusXT Manual Bootstrap Guide

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2020-05-10 23:19

Depending on your internet connection, ColossusXT blockchain synchronization within the wallet application can take a considerable amount of time. This is by design: synchronization speeds are intentionally throttled to prevent oversaturation of the ColossusXT network and maintain high availability at all times.

The ColossusXT team has provided an archived copy of the blockchain database, which can be download via a web browser in just a few minutes. Once downloaded, the database can be extracted and inserted into the ColossusXT wallet folder, allowing users to get their wallet application fully synchronized much more quickly. This process is often referred to as "bootstrapping the database".

This guide can be used for Windows, Mac, or Linux. The process is very similar on all OSes.

NOTE: In ColossusXT wallet versions 1.2.0 and higher, you can now bootstrap automatically from the cloud using an in-wallet option! This is a much quicker and easier process than this manual bootstrap process, which is only needed if the wallet application will not open. To use automatic in-wallet cloud-based bootstrapping, follow this guide instead.


Verify That 1.2.4 Is Installed.

Windows: In the wallet application, click Help > About ColossusXT Core. Verify that version 1.2.4 is installed.

Mac: On the wallet application menu bar, click COLX Core > About COLX Core. Verify that version 1.2.4 is installed.

If you have an older Windows or Mac version, see the Windows / Mac 1.2.4 Wallet Install / Update Guide here.

Linux: From the ColossusXT program folder, type ./colx-cli getinfo and verify that "version" is "1020400".

If you have an older Linux version installed, see the Linux / VPS 1.2.4 Wallet Update Guide here.


Close The ColossusXT Program

Clicking the "X" in the upper corner does NOT close the wallet application by default; it only minimizes it!

Windows: Click File > Exit in the wallet application.

Mac: Click COLX Core > Quit COLX Core.

Linux: Use the command ./colx-cli stop


Download The Bootstrap Archive 

For Windows and Mac, you can download the bootstrap archive file using your web browser by visiting Your download will begin automatically.

In Linux, you'll need to use the wget command:

wget -O ~/Downloads/


Delete Existing Files

WARNING: Never delete your wallet.dat!

Windows: Press Windows + R, type %appdata%\ColossusXT, and click OK. Keep your backups folder and your wallet.dat. If this is a masternode control wallet, also keep your masternode.conf. Delete everything else. Leave this folder open for the next step.

Mac: Press Command Shift G, enter ~/Library/Application Support/ColossusXT and click on Go. Keep your backups folder and your wallet.dat. If this is a masternode control wallet, also keep your masternode.conf. Delete everything else. Leave this folder open for the next step.

Linux: Enter the following commands:

cd ~/.ColossusXT
rm ColossusXT.conf
rm mncache.dat
rm peers.dat
rm budget.dat
rm banlist.dat
rm -rf blocks
rm -rf database
rm -rf chainstate
rm -rf sporks
rm -rf zerocoin

Extract Archive

Windows & Mac: Open the archive from your web browser downloads. Copy the ColossusXT.conf file, and the blockschainstate and  zerocoin folders from the archive and paste them into the open folder from the previous step.

Linux: Use the following command:

unzip ~/Downloads/ -d ~/.ColossusXT 

If you get "command not found", you'll need to install the unzip program first:

apt install unzip

Using a Linux text editor such as pico, change the default rpcuser and rpcpassword settings in the ColossusXT.conf to your own random letters and numbers.

pico ~/.ColossusXT/ColossusXT.conf

 Make your changes, press Ctrl+X to exit, press Y to save, and press Enter to retain the original filename.

Note for MasternodesIf this is a Masternode system, you'll also need to add the following lines to your server wallet's ColossusXT.conf:

externalip=<your masternode IP>
masternodeaddr=<your masternode IP>
masternodeprivkey=<your masternode privkey>

Your masternode privkey can be copied from your local wallet masternode.conf. It is the long string immediately after the IP:Port entry.


Restart Wallet

You can now restart your ColossusXT wallet application. Synchronization will begin from a recent block, rather than from 2017, and will complete within a few minutes.

Windows & Mac: Click the ColossusXT wallet shortcut

Linux: Use the following commands:

cd ~/colx-1.2.4/bin


Additional Resources

As always, if you have any questions, please come find us in the #general-support channel of the ColossusXT discord:

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