Recovering ColossusXT Balance from Android Wallet

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2020-05-18 10:16

When using the ColossusXT Android wallet, you may encounter situations where you need to recover the COLX balance from your mobile device, but are unable to use the wallet "send" function. This could be due to a broken device, bad network connection, synchronization issues, etc.

The ColossusXT wallets for Windows, OSX, and Linux have a built-in function for situations like this, to allow you to import address / key pairs from other devices.

As a general security best practice for mobile wallets, your ColossusXT private key is not available from within the graphical interface of the Android wallet. However, if you need to recover this address for one of the above reasons, here is a procedure that you can follow to identify your address private key and import it into a PC wallet.

Get your mnemonic word list from the Android wallet. Go to Menu > Settings > Backup Wallet, tap the menu button in the upper right, then tap "mnemonic". Save these 24 words.

Get your Android wallet address. Tap Menu, My Wallet, then tap the QR code icon in the upper right. Save this address.

Open this web site:

Select "24 words" and "PIVX" (COLX is built on the PIVX codebase) from the options, then enter your 24-word mnemonic.

Under "derived addresses", find your mobile address. It's usually the first one. Copy down the private key PRIVKEY. 

Open your PC wallet and make sure that it's fully synchronized to the current block. You should see a blue check mark in the lower right corner.


On your PC wallet, open the debug console. First type walletpassphrase "yourpassword" 120 to unlock your wallet for 120 seconds. Then type importprivkey PRIVKEY "mobileimport" true


PC wallet will rescan and will add your mobile balance to your wallet balance when complete. 

You can verify that your imported address is present by typing getaccount followed by your mobile address to verify that it has been added to your wallet with account name mobileimport. 

NOTE: This address is now on both your PC wallet, and your Mobile wallet! This is NOT a recommended configuration and should only be used temporarily. Once you have confirmed your mobile balance on your PC wallet, it is best to uninstall and reinstall the Mobile wallet to generate a new unique mnemonic and address.


Additional Resources

If you have any questions or issues, please contact us in the #general-support channel on the ColossusXT Discord:

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