What is "zCOLX Accumulator" and where did my COLX go?

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2019-01-18 22:41

About Zerocoin

ZeroCoin is an ehanced privacy protocal that allows users to convert COLX to zCOLX and send transactions with complete anonymity.


Minting zCOLX

The ColossusXT ZeroCoin protocol went live starting with block 500,000 on Sept 16, 2018. If your wallet was set to automatically mint zCOLX, you may already have some automatic zCOLX transactions.

If you don't want automatic zCOLX conversion to occur in Windows, go to Settings > Options, click the Main tab, and uncheck the box labeled "Enable zCOLX Automint". For OSX machines, the Options menu is opened from the menu bar at the top of the screen under COLX Core > Preferences.

Automatic zCOLX minting transactions will appear in your wallet with the title "zCOLX Accumulator". For example, here is a transaction minting 1950 zCOLX:

Note the extra 7 COLX in the top transaction. This is a blockchain transaction fee: 1 COLX for each of 7 minting transactions.

These zCOLX will remain immature until 20 confirmations and 3 subsequent zCOLX mintings in the same denomination have occured:

Once the zCOLX is mature, the "Immature" and "Unconfirmed" tags will disappear and the zCOLX balance will be added to your total overall balance:


Spending zCOLX

zCOLX can be used in fully anonymous transactions via the Privacy tab.

When zCOLX is sent, newly minted and untraceable COLX is received at the destination address.

The are NO transaction fees for spending zCOLX! It's FREE!

To send zCOLX, click the Privacy tab, enter an address,  label (optional), and enter the amount you wish to send.

Note: To convert zCOLX back to COLX, leave the Address field blank, as in this example. It will automatically send a payment to a new COLX address in your own wallet!

Click the Spend Zerocoin button to start the transaction. If you're sending to yourself, click OK on the Spend Zerocoin screen:

Next, review the transaction and click Yes and the confirmation screen:

zCOLX transactions are computationally intense, so your system may appear inactive for several seconds. Be patient!  Watch the Zerocoin status window. Once your transaction is complete, the status will be updated:

If this was a payment to yourself, it will now appear in your recent transactions on the main Overview screen:


Additional Resources

If you have any additional questions, please join us in #general-support on the ColossusXT discord.

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