Why do I always mint orphan blocks? I know what an orphan is but the last x times I have staked and minted they have been orphans

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2018-08-01 10:44

If a wallet is selected to generate the next new block (which will result in a staking reward) but does not complete this task in time, the new block will be orphaned and the task will be completed by another staking wallet. Thus, less responsive systems with a slower network connection and/or less available system resources will tend to generate more orphan blocks over time. If you have not updated to the latest wallet, you may see an increased number of orphans. Orphan blocks are a normal occurrence on a blockchain.

Some suggestions if you keep seeing orphan blocks:

  • Always check wallet version first, get the latest one (In the wallet app, click on Help > About ColossusCoinXT to check version)
  • Try to use a cable connection (instead of wifi) if possible
  • Check power settings. Make sure the computer is not going for sleep
  • Reboot your pc if it was open for a long time
  • Terminate some application which are eating up resources if possible
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