Error: Spend Zerocoin failed to find coin set amongst held coins with less than maxNumber of Sends

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2019-01-15 03:22


The following error is encountered:

You may also see an error that says "In rare cases a spend with 7 coins exceeds our max allowable transaction size, please retry spend using 6 or less coins."


This error is a result of a transaction limit built into zCOLX.

zCOLX uses an advanced RSA-2048 zero-knowledge proof handshake to confirm zCOLX ownership before allowing a transaction. Because these verifications are extremely computationally intensive, a limit of 6 zCOLX spends per transaction has been put in place. If your transaction uses more than 6 zCOLX, you will need to break the transaction into smaller amounts before proceding.


From the Privacy tab, click the zCOLX Control button:


Your zCOLX will be listed by denomination. Expand all nodes and select up to 6 zCOLX, then click the OK button.

Enter an address if needed. A BLANK address will create a payment to yourself, converting your zCOLX back to COLX.

Include a label if you wish to add the entered address to your address book.

Enter a zCOLX amount less than or equal to the displayed amount labeled "zCOLX Selected".

Click "Spend Zerocoin", and review and accept the confirmation screens as needed.

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