Windows / Mac 1.2.4 Wallet Install / Update Guide

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2020-05-08 13:20

This guide will help you install the ColossusXT wallet version 1.2.4 on Windows and Mac. You can use this for a new install, or to update from your previous version 1.x wallet. If this is a new install, skip over the first two steps and begin with the Download section.


Back Up Your Wallet

The new 1.2.4 wallet version safely updates using your existing wallet files, however, an update is a good time to back up your wallet. If you already have a good backup, you can skip this step.

In the ColossusXT wallet application, click on File, Backup Wallet. Select a safe and secure location for your backup, such as a thumb drive or external hard drive. Consider including the date in the filename (for example, wallet-09-14-2018.dat) for added utility.


Close The ColossusXT Program

If you are running a previous version of the ColossusXT wallet, it needs to be closed before continuing.

IMPORTANT: If you do not complete this step, the wallet will not update correctly!!

For Windows, click File > Exit in the wallet application. On a Mac, click COLX Core > Quit COLX Core. Clicking the "X" in the upper corner does NOT close the wallet application by default; it only minimizes it!


Download The 1.2.4 Application

Visit the ColossusXT GitHub repository to download the latest wallet release:

For 64-bit Windows, download colx-1.2.4-win64-setup-unsigned.exe.

For 32-bit Windows, download colx-1.2.4-win32-setup-unsigned.exe.

For Macs, download colx-1.2.4-osx-unsigned.dmg.

Virus Scanner Note: Some systems falsely identify cryptocurrency-related applications as containing trojans or viruses. If you encounter a virus warning, this is a false positive. Select the option to keep the file and continue. There is no virus or trojan in the ColossusXT wallet application.


Run The Installer Program

Once your download is complete, launch the application installer from the download folder, and follow the Windows or Mac instructions for your operating system:

Windows Instructions: If you receive a message stating "Windows protected your PC", click on the underlined "More info" text, then click "Run anyway".

 On the User Account Control window, click Yes.

Click Next to continue, then click Next to accept the default installation folder. Accept all defaults. Ensure that the box "Run COLX Core 64-bit" checked, and click "Finish".

If the Windows Security Alert screen comes up, check both boxes for Private and Public networks, and click Allow Access. This configures the Windows firewall to allow traffic for the ColossusXT wallet.

The wallet application will now launch and synchronize.


Mac Instructions: Launch the downloaded .dmg application installer.

When the COLX-Core installation windows, click and drag the COLX-qt icon onto the Applications folder icon:

If you receive a message that an older item with the same name already exists, click on "Replace".

Now launch the application from the new shortcut. The first time you run the new ColossusXT wallet application, you may receive the following message:

If this message appears, click OK, and then re-launch the application using Control-click, then click Open from the menu:

Click Open at the security dialog.

This program will now be marked as Trusted. You can launch the wallet application normally from now on. The wallet application will now launch and synchronize.


Verify Version Number

Verify that your ColossusXT Wallet version is now 1.2.4. For Windows, click Help > About ColossusXT Core. On a Mac, go to COLX Core > About COLX Core on the menu bar. Verify that the version number displayed is 1.2.4.


Verify Blockchain Status

Once syncing completes, verify that you're on the current block of the main chain. In the debug console, type getblockcount. This will tell you the newest block in your wallet. Then type getblockhash followed by that block number.

Now visit the COLX Blockchain Explorer and search for that same block number. The blockhash displayed should match the hash from your console:

If it matches, you are good to go.

If it does not match, the best way to resolve this is by following the ColossusXT Bootstrap Guide.


Enable Staking

If this was an update from a previous version and you wish to continue staking, don't forget to unlock the wallet, selecting the option "For anonymization, automint, and staking only." Remember, every time the wallet opens, it is in a locked state and will need to be unlocked before staking becomes active.

If this was a new install of the ColossusXT wallet and you haven't yet configured staking, visit the ColossusXT Staking Guide for more information.


Additional Resources

As always, if you have any questions, please come find us in the #general-support channel of the ColossusXT discord:

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